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The Northwest Regional Women in Computing (NWrWIC) Celebration focuses on empowering and encouraging women to enter the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields, particularly computer science. The conference brings together students from universities and high schools, with industry leaders from the private and public sectors to engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to play an active role in shaping the future of computing and technology.

The 2013 conference, to be held in October, is the second annual event.  Our mission is to encourage women to pursue and build successful careers in computing and technology by improving their educational experience and engagement with industry leaders.  With less than 30% of STEM jobs filled by women, the industry is lacking full representation of the world’s views.  This lack of diversity inhibits industry’s innovation potential.  Our effort recognizes and empowers women who are part of the computing industry and celebrates all who are supporters of them.

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“The Northwest Regional Women in Computing Conference was extremely inspiring and a pivotal turning point in my interest in the field of computer science and bioinformatics. The exposure to many aspects of the this field was so refreshing and encouraging with insight to the various areas of specialty beyond what one thinks of when they hear the words “computer science”. I loved the opportunity to hear how OHSU is using computer science to further their discoveries and research capabilities. Through the panel discussions and conversing with successful female scientists, it was extremely encouraging and eye opening knowing the magnitude and positional force that women hold in this male dominated field. This exposure gave me the confidence that I would be successful as a young woman in such a field, especially with the support of the multifarious, extremely successful women I met through the Regional conference.”

    – Ashleigh Pilkerton
Pacific University

Our Vision:

Our vision is to grow this effort to include more women in the pipeline of future computing and technology professionals. With our supporters’ funding, we will:

  • Provide a full day of programs led by inspirational industry leaders and hands-on workshops that support our “Future of Technology” theme
  • Connect educational leaders and industry professionals with students to cultivate the next generation of leaders in computing and technology
  • Provide collaborative, hands-on learning opportunities for students facilitated by students
  • Facilitate a career fair in which various institutions, companies and organizations come together to share opportunities with students


Our primary focus is on providing an inspirational, hands-on, one day event aimed at encouraging students and industry leaders to support gender diversity in the fields of computing and technology. We also gear the conference workshops towards parents, community leaders and principals so that they may gain a better understanding of the importance of what computer science is, its related fields, and the associated opportunities.



Ivo Lukas, Co-Chair

Ivo Lukas is the Founder/CEO for 24Notion & Chief Innovation Officer/Director Global Mentorship for Girls In Tech. 24Notion is the first global creative marketing/digital PR & lifestyle agency with special emphasis on giving back to the global communities. With a broad understanding the art of non- traditional marketing, new media, communications and social influence, 24Notion uniquely understands how to connect your brand strategy with the right consumer. We know how to merge ideation with innovative solutions, producing an integrated approach that effectively blurs the line of interactive advertising, public relations and marketing. 24Notion ranked #17 in Corporate Philanthropy nominated by Portland Business Journal Book of List.

Ivo is passionate about leading, nurturing and mentoring the next generation, especially young girls, whose aspire to be in technology. She is the advocate of encouraging positive, inspiring and improving lives of the young girls to gain an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills. She is leading the Global Girls in Tech mentorship program with goals to support young girls ages K-12, college professionals and young entrepreneurs on the importance of math, tech and science at a young age that will embrace, collaborate and promote growth and success for young girls to stay in the technology sector.

She won a few awards and nominated as Women of Influence of 2013 by PBJ; Classy award philanthropist of 2012; Huffington Post “Passionistas”- women of influence 2011; Top women in business Twitter must follows 2012; NAAMBA Global Emerging Leaders under 40; Digital/Multicultural Entrepreneur of the week by MMTC; Interactive Media Awards-Outstanding achievement awards; PR News Corporate social responsibility Awards, Excellence Award winner of best Authenticity of fresh innovative idea/category. She is an advocate of non-profit organizations that encourage the empowerment of next generation leaders.

Connect with her @MsSonicflare @24notion

Pamela Harrison, Co-chair

Pamela is an iOS Developer at Prolifiq Software.  She earned her BA in Language at the University of California, and her MS in Computer Science at the California State University. She loves the exciting, intense industry experience, as well as working with others to create great products.  In her spare time she enjoys participating in hackathons, tech meetup groups, and playing with new technology such as Intel’s new Perceptual Computing SDK which recognizes finger gestures.

Aside from software development, Pamela is passionate about sharing her love of software with others.  As well as co-chairing the NWrWIC Conference for women in computing, she is very active in tech education with both students and professors.  She has attended OGPC (the Oregon Games Project Challenge) over the last few years as presenter, judge, and coach.  She is active with the regional committee of the NCWIT Aspirations Award.  She coached a high school girls FIRST robotics team for 3 years, the PacBots from Tigard High School, and still participates as a software/hardware inspector at the FTC competitions.  She has taught robotics at G2CS, a summer camp for 7th and 8th grade girls.

Pamela would love to speak with you at the conference, please do not hesitate to say hello and ask any questions you have.


Jen Miller, Program Coordinator

Jen Miller is a Computer Engineer with a passion for empowering others to innovate and achieve self efficacy and success in their educations and careers. Jen has ten years of experience in the high tech industry and five years of experience advocating for quality and diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. She is a dedicated student advocate and diversity champion with experience in public speaking, career coaching, conference program development, teaching, community organizing, policy development, fundraising, and blogging. Jen earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Portland in 2003 and a MS in Computer Engineering from Duke University in 2005. She worked for Intel Corporation for 9 years in a wide range of roles, from Reliability Engineering to Competitive Marketing. Jen lives in Portland, Oregon with my husband, Mario, and my little yorkshire terrier, Rusty. Follow her on Twitter @PDXTechGirl.


Anita Heredia, Event Coordinator

Anita Heredia received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington in 2004 and a M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from Portland State University in 2010.  She worked for 10 years at Bonneville Power Administration as a coordinating engineer for new generation integration projects and infrastructure projects that enhance the reliability of the transmission grid.  She currently is a stay at home mom to a baby boy.


Venessa Cullinane, Outreach Coordinator

Vanessa Cullinane is a chemical engineer working in the technology industry.  She graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington in 2006.  Since then, she has worked as a photolithography process engineer at Intel Corporation. She has a keen interest in coding and scripting, especially as it pertains to data extraction, analysis, and visualization.  In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys traveling, learning new things, and spending time with her friends and family.

Marea Cobb, Branding Committee Chair

Marea Cobb received her BS in Biology at Washington State University. She is a Masters student at the University of Washington’s Biomedical and Health Informatics Graduate Program. She currently lives in Seattle and works at Seattle Biomed in Dr. Peter Myler’s lab. Outside of school she enjoys playing soccer and computer games. She is one of the original organizers of the NWrWIC conference.

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