Andrea Bugni

Andrea Bugni
Estacada High School
Class of 2013
Estacada, Oregon

My dad was probably the person who most influenced me in my technological pursuits. He taught me how to use a computer and introduced me to programs like Microsoft Power Point and AutoCAD.

The achievement I am most proud of is the functioning websites I created in pure HTML without any formal teaching. Although they are not my most recent accomplishments, I am proud of the products I created on my own with only the aid of a book or two.

Future: I plan to go to a technical college or a college that excels in the science and mathematical fields. I also plan on majoring in computer science, possibly with afocus on technological innovations.

I love the new computer systems and technologies we are creating, and are on the brink of creating. it’s going to get so much better in the space of my lifetime, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll make next.

Interesting Fact: One interesting fact about me is that I love to read fantasy and science fiction novels and manga, despite my predisposition for science and math.

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