Caitlyn Wiebe

Caitlyn Wiebe

McNary High School

Class of 2012

Keizer, Oregon

I would like to thank both my aunt Janet and my programming teacher, Mrs. Roberson, for getting me interested in computers. My aunt provoked my initial interest in programming, and Mrs. Roberson encouraged me to continue with it, even when it was sometimes difficult.

I am especially proud of my video game I wrote in my Advanced Game Design class. I spent a lot of time and effort on it and eventually, it paid off with a game I could be proud of.

The thing I enjoy most about computers would have to be the limitless scope of the possibilities which they hold. Technology continues to improve, and with that, more and more things can be achieved.

Future: I am going to BIOLA University in southern California for college. I hope to graduate from there with a degree in engineering physics and continue on at USC.

Interesting Fact: I have traveled to Mexico over nine times.

Ask me about: Books, family, or school

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