2013 Schedule



Welcome Breakfast


A hearty breakfast is included!


Morning Keynote Speaker


Rajani HeadshotRajani Ramanathan (COO, Technology and Products) – Salesforce: Rajani Ramanathan is the Chief Operating Officer for the Technology & Products organization at Salesforce.com. With Salesforce.com for thirteen years, she was part of the core team that delivered the bleeding edge technology behind Salesforce.com’s pioneering array of products that power the social enterprise. Rajani started her career in sales and marketing, and founded companies specializing in marketing feasibility studies, corporate space planning, and interior design. After relocating to the United States, she transitioned to technology. As one of Salesforce.com’s technology leaders, Rajani has championed innovative and efficient software development methodologies using agile principles, which leads to providing a total quality customer experience. Rajani is also the executive sponsor for Salesforce.com’s Women in Technology employee network, focused on supporting and advancing technical women and encouraging girls to develop STEM skills.

The Hunt (for the future of technology)
Breakout Session

9:45 – 11:00

This is a breakout session to encourage all conference attendees to collaborate. Attendees will be broken into groups consisting of individuals at all levels in their career.  Each team will be required to complete challenging problem sets that will require collaboration within the group to solve. This is a great opportunity to meet other attendees and have fun solving problems.

The attached document contains the solutions to the hunt brain teasers. Brain Teaser Solutions


From Ground Truth to Common Ground: negotiating  between problem and solution spaces


Alex Zafiroglu and Jennifer Healey are Senior Research Scientists in Intel Corporation’s Interaction & Experience Research Lab. They are approximately the same age, with the same level of education, and they both work on Intelligent Transportation Systems. They have travelled the world together doing research on automobility practices.  They’ve co-written and filed multiple patents.  And there the similarities end.  Their professional training is completely different: anthropology versus engineering.   And sometimes the two points of view do seem that strongly in opposition.   As Jen has pointedly observed, ”engineers try to solve problems, ” they think that “the solution space” is exactly where you should be at all times.  As a cultural anthropologist, Alex perceives the solution space to known problems as a limitation.  She conducts primary ethnographic research to examines the who, what, when, where, and why  surrounding automobility practices around the world.  She defamiliarizes common sense.  She problematizes.  She unpacks.  She critiques.  She reframes the design space in terms of a bigger (and more essential) problem.  Communication between the two has not always been easy.  Alex has been known to misinterpret ‘naïve Bayes modeling’  as a fashion trend, and Jennifer often has to refer to Wikipedia to look up some “basics” of political history and geography, but they approach their differences with fascination and a good sense of humor.   When it all comes together, Alex’s thinking transforms the world into a new space where the application of Jennifer’s technical knowledge enables solutions that would have otherwise never been possible.


12:15 – 2:00

A buffet lunch is included.


Landing the perfect job: What are companies looking for?

1:00 – 2:00

The panelists will offer industry perspective on the competencies that are most valuable in computing careers.

Discussion topics will include:

  • General employment criteria
  • Competencies that are in high demand right now
  • Competencies forecasted as being important in the future
  • Domestic vs. International hiring trends
  • How students and young professionals can prepare to work in a global industry
  •  Opportunities for student engagement at companies

Moderator: Ivo Lukas of 24Notion

Nathalie Scardino-Director of Employee Recruiting of Salesforce
Anoop Sahgal- Partner Marketing at Adobe
Kris Halbersleben – Manager, Technical Publications and Curriculum Development – Thomson Reuters
Sarah Wilson – Technical Product Manager – Tripwire



Breakout Session

2:15 – 3:15

Ubiquitous Computing Abstract – The field of Ubiquitous Computing envisions thorough integration of information processing into every day objects and the presence of computers everywhere. These computers should take a form that makes them “disappear” and not get in the way—both literally and figuratively—as they help people. As part of the Ubicomp Lab at University of Washington, we work on a number of hard ubicomp problems towards this vision, one project at a time. As a multidisciplinary lab, our expertise in sensing, signal processing, embedded systems, circuits, and human-computer interaction enabled us to work on projects that span many areas of ubiquitous computing including novel user interface technology, energy sensing, low-power sensing, health monitoring, and activity recognition by applying them.

In our talk, we will focus on a number of exciting projects, such as a sensor that can figure out which appliances are being used in your home without needing to put a sensor on every single device, a sensing platform that can last 50 years on a single coin cell, an iPhone app that lets you measure your lung fuction by simply blowing at it, a simple program that uses sound waves (hint: Doppler effect) to detect Kinect-like gestures on laptops, and many more! We will complement our talk with live demos for many of these projects.

Breakout Session

3:15 – 4:15

Car Security Abstract: Did you know that the typical modern car has over a dozen computers inside? Have you ever thought about whether people might be able to hack in to these computers, or what might happen if they do? In this talk, I’ll describe our multi-year research project that answered these questions and more. First, I’ll describe what an attacker can do with access to a car’s internal network. Then, I’ll explain how someone might be able to break in to these networks remotely. This talk will feature several videos demonstrating our attacks and conclude with a short discussion about the impact this research has had.

Introduction to Career Fair Activities


Please remain seated to hear your options for the remainder of the conference

Career Fair


As well as the amazing companies listed in the Career Fair Guide, we will have resume reviews and mock interviews done by experienced industry professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to get great feedback to impress your next potential employer! Sign up at the registration table when you arrive.


Mingle Time

5:30 – 7:30

Take a few minutes between talking to your favorite company representatives to have some hors d’voures.

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5 09 2013
Morgan Zantua

Great Ideas!

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I need to speak with someone about this event as well as our STEM program at AAUW in Bellevue Washington. Pls be so kind as to email me contact with their email timely?

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Kathy – It was great speaking with you! I look forward to developing a relationship with AAUW. ~Pamela

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