Hong Ngoc Dnag

Hong Ngoc Dang

Tigard High School

Class of 2012

Tigard, Oregon

The person I really appreciate is my Computer teacher, Steve Fulton. He encouraged me to join Technology Team at Tigard High School, and gives me opportunities to learn and compete in technical field. His method of teaching was unlike any I had previously experienced. He lets me learn from my own experience by reaching out to some course that is not offered in Tigard, but always tries his best to help me .

My greatest accomplishment so far comes from joining school’s technology team and creating the team’s website.

Future: In the next two years, I am going to Portland Community College, and then transfer to one of the four year colleges. I want to explore some technical related courses in PCC, such as computer science, and different kinds of engineering.

An interesting fact: I have been in United State for just 2 years, so my English is not good. However, when I first took web design last year, I realized that even though I barely speak English, coding (computer language) is absorbed by my brain very quickly

Ask me about: Web Design

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