Jeanine Pearson

Jeanine Pearson

Sunset High School

Class of 2014

Portland, Oregon

The most influential person who encouraged my interest in computer science is my mother. She is a computer programmer herself. Although I originally thought what she did was not interesting, she introduced me to programs like Game Maker, PowerPoint, Alice, and Gimp while I was in elementary school. The things I could create with these programs seemed limitless, and I knew then that I wanted to be involved in computer science. Another person is my technology teacher, Mr. Galbraith. His classes are always really fun and interesting, and I have learned a lot.

I am most proud of my Oregon Game Project Challenge game from 2011. Competing was a great experience. I helped work on the attacks for the team and we wound up winning first place in presentation. I really liked working with my team and seeing our game come together and my programming skills grew a lot .

Future: I see myself majoring in computer science or a similar field. My ideal career would be working with mobile application development, or working at a company, such as Google, that is very innovative. I want to work on something that changes the way the things works for the better. I want to work on something that changes people’s lives.

Interesting Fact: I also love to dance. I’m on two dance teams, my school’s competitive team, and a studio performing team.

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