Kate Hughes

Kate Hughes

West Salem High

Class of 2012

Salem, Oregon

I have my computer science teacher, Greg Smith, and both of my parents, Lisa and Brian Hughes, to thank. My parents have always inspired me to do what I love, and Mr. Smith has helped me gain the knowledge to do just that.

I love the versatility of computers/technology. They can educate, entertain, or even encourage.

Future: Next fall I will be starting at Oregon State University’s College of Engineering as a pre-computer science major. I plan on continuing my education so I can end up with a masters in computer science. I would love to be involved with website development or educational software. If I were to go into educational software, I would make it a focus to help make it available to a wide range of schools and very user friendly so teachers will be able to think, “How can this help me?” instead of, “Who can help me with this?”

An interesting fact: I have been involved with my high school’s color guard since I was a freshman and this year I was captain. I’ve always loved performing and dancing.

Ask me about: Colorguard and Oregon State

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