Lilly Paul

Lilly Paul

Hood River Valley High

Class of 2013

Hood River, Oregon

The two most influential people in encouraging me in computing and technology are my teacher Mr. Blackman and my dad, Barry Paul. I first discovered my interest in computing and technology in Mr. Blackman’s Engineering 1 class. Since them he and my dad have been very supportive of my work.

My greatest technical accomplishment is that my robotics team will be going to the FTC Robotics World Championships! It is very exciting. In the next few years I plan on graduating high school and My favorite thing about computing and technology is when I see our robot driving around and everything that I have built and programmed is working, I think to myself “I built that!” It is a really good feeling.

Future: going to college to study engineering, more specifically robotics. I would love to get involved in designing and creating robots used for surgery.

Interesting Facts: I also love to windsurf!
Ask her about: robots, windsurfing, and adventures

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