Michelle Vollmuller

Michelle Vollmuller

Tigard High School

Class of 2013

Tigard, Oregon

I would like to thank 3 people for all of their help, support, and guidance. My mom, Shirley Vollmuller, is the most supportive and encouraging woman I know. I am blessed to have her in my life. Second is Mr. Fulton for teaching me everything I need to know about computers. He is the greatest teacher and robotics mentor ever! Finally, my dad, Hank Vollmuller for introducing me to computers and technology and always encouraging me to learn more.

Taking things apart and building something new out of the old parts is something that has always been exciting for me. I love robotics because it is hands on. My greatest technical accomplishment would have to be learning how to take a computer apart and put it back together from scratch. It was very rewarding!

Future: College with majors in Business, Marketing, Engineering, and Computer Sciences. I am considering doing a dual major and then a minor

Interesting Fact: I have been a competitive cheerleader for almost 10 years now. I am a member of Oregon Dream Teams and absolutely love it!

Ask me about: Cheerleading, Marketing, and Robotics

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