Naomi Shah

Naomi Shah

Sunset High School

Class of 2013

Portland, Oregon

My family has played a huge role in shaping my passion for science and computing. My dad encouraged me to think outside the box for continuous improvement and innovative ideas, while my mom taught me to work hard to achieve my goals. My older brother, Priyam, has always been my sounding board: offering advice and ideas especially in math and technology projects.—all with the goal of increasing the efficiency, quality, and quantity of life.

I am most proud of my recent accomplishment as a winner in the 2011 Inaugural Google Science Fair. I was also honored to meet President Obama, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, and NIH directors to discuss my research and its ramifications on regulatory policy. Through my research, I have realized the importance of computers and technology in every walk of life. I have developed innovative solutions to make our environment safer. I have been invited to present my research work at many US and international conferences and am excited to continue researching.

Future: Mydreamistobecomeasociallyresponsibleinventorand entrepreneur. I want to use technology and engineering to find innovative and sustainable environmental solutions to human health problems. Beyond high school, I aspire to major in Environmental Engineering followed by a Ph.D. research program.

Interesting Fact: I have been a vegetarian all my life and have traveled to about 20 countries

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