Natalie Suderman

Natalie Suderman

West Salem High School

Class of 2013

Salem, Oregon

My dad would probably be the most influential person in my computer/technical career, he started up a robotics team for me when I was little, and from then on I’ve never stopped loving programming or building robots. He’s been a great mentor even when he’s not coaching our team.

This year I won an $8000 scholarship to OSU for my research project that dealt with the viability of spider silk as an alternative to synthetic fibers. I was really surprised at how well my project turned out despite several setbacks.

Future: I would love to keep doing what I’m doing; go to college, and get involved in some sort of robotics. However, my ideal career would be getting a degree in materials science or engineering.

Interesting Fact: I currently hold the record at my school for most memorized digits of PI at 1707 digits.

Ask me about: Robotics, Books, Spiders

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