Rachael Heyob

Rachael Heyob

Estacada Early College Academy

Class of 2012

Estacada, Oregon

The most influential person in my life was my dad. He got me involved in computers from a young age, and helped me build my own computer from scratch at age 10. He always pushed me to learn more about my computer, both the hardware and the software, and helped me be who I am today.

My greatest technical accomplishment was cracking my family’s wifi encryption password. To me it was important because I had to learn a whole new operating system (linux), and I learned about wifi encryption methods and network security. I’ve also rooted and installed custom roms and kernels on my android phone, as well as hacked my Nintendo DS and my mp3 player.

Future: Going to Portland State University and studying computer science. I hope get a job as a computer programmer and work on programs for games or computers.

An interesting fact: I was the first girl to operate and create programs for the CNC machine at Hillsboro High School. I was also the first girl in Drafting II and Drafting III program at Hillsboro High School.

Ask me about: Taekwondo, Soccer, Music

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