Roslyn Patrick-Sunnes

Roslyn Patrick-Sunnes

Hood River Valley High

Class of 2013

Hood River, Oregon

I have to thank my teacher Mr. Blackman for getting me involved in robotics and inspiring me to want to be an engineer. I could not have made it this far without him.

I am most proud of my achievements in FTC robotics. Being on the winning alliance at state this year and winning the second place inspire award was one of my happiest moments. When you spend so much time building and working on something, it is the greatest feeling ever when it all works. I have learned so much in building and programming my robot. I think I have gotten a lot out of it and robotics is a great life experience. The competitions are so much fun. Now my team is moving on the the World Championship competition in St. Louis which I am so excited for!

Her greatest technical achievement is her ASE internship with Dr. Margaret Burnett last summer at Oregon State University

Future: I see myself going to college somewhere warm and getting a degree in engineering. I hope to travel and experience as many new things as possible.

Interesting Fact: I love music and the outdoors. In the summer I spend my time in nature, camping, rafting, swimming and working in an ice cream shop. During the school year I spend my time with friends and I am an active member of the high school swim team.

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