Sara Lyons

Sara Lyons

Heritage High School

Class of 2012

Vancouver, Washington

I am passionate about what I do is all thanks to my 3D Animation teacher, Ms. Wendlandt. I started the 3D program in 2009, as a sophomore, and have loved it ever since. I am actually the top of my class now in an AP 3D class that I am taking to get a step ahead in my college study. If it wasn’t for this program and the people that have encouraged me along the way, I don’t think I’d be as confident with myself and my talent as I am now. I am truly thankful.

I’ve modeled many complicated pieces and have worked on a few different animation commercials for company contests like Coke a Cola. I am very proud of the achievements I’ve been able to accomplish in my few short years of modeling.

Future: I plan on going to college to focus more into the 3D field. I see myself continuing this passion my entire life and I will be trying to find a job where I can create animated characters for movies and work with a team of highly skilled people.

Interesting Fact: I am also a 2D artist and in my free time I love to draw comics and sing in the award winning concert choir at my school.

Ask me about: Animation, my drawings, my models, and music

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