Savannah Loberger

Savannah Loberger

Hillsboro High School

Class of 2013

Hillsboro, Oregon

Savannah’s greatest influences for pursuing engineering are continuing to be her parents and her tech teacher Mr. Domes. Savannah’s parents have been very supportive. She would like to thank Mr. Domes for opening the field of engineering; without his classes and continuing support she probably would not be in robotics today.

Savannah is most proud of her all-girls day camp she developed called Girls Get IT! (Innovative Technology) where girls could experience several types of technology in a hands-on and pressure-free environment. The focus is on encouraging STEM awareness. She has made presentations at many community meetings and especially to several women’s organizations. Additionally Girls Get IT! had an impact beyond her local school district as Savannah was chosen by to speak at Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley’s STEM legislation announcement and the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Program has invited her to meet with outreach professionals this summer at an MIT hosted event.

Future: Savannah plans to attend college and major in a field of engineering. She would like to continue working with robots and kids.

Interesting fact: Savannah has been a Girl Scout for the past seven years and has participated in several community service projects and recently earned her Gold Award, the highest award offered in Girl Scouts.

Ask me about: Girls Get IT!

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