Sophia Oswald

Sophia Oswald

Hood River Valley High

Class of 2013

Hood River, Oregon

Sophie has been greatly influenced by many people in her life but she has special thanks for Barry Paul and Jeff Blackman for encouraging and mentoring her in creating a website and in learning the basics of Robotics.

The accomplishment that she is most proud of is being able to go to the FTC World Championship this year. She has loved being involved with FTC and is incredibly proud to be part of the Blue Steel team.

Sophie also loves the modern application of engineering to solve world problems, particularly medicine.

Future: Sophie plans on furthering her education in college and possibly taking a path that leads to robotics in medicine.

Interesting Fact: Sophie is a jack of all trades. She participates in the fall musical, basketball, Chamber Singers, Leos, FTC Robotics, and Tennis

Ask me about: Tennis or Blue Steel!”

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