Morning Keynote


Candace Worley

Vice President, Intel Security Group

Enterprise Solutions Marketing

Candace Worley is vice president for Enterprise Solutions Marking for the Intel Security Group at Intel Corporation. She is responsible for product and vertical marketing for all corporate products worldwide including go-to-market strategy and alternate routes to market, global enterprise security messaging, solutions pricing and packaging, technical marketing, pricing and licensing strategy, and competitive intelligence.

Worley joined the Intel organization in 2011 with the acquisition of McAfee Inc., now a wholly owned subsidiary that operates as the Intel Security Group and was with McAfee, Inc. for 11 years prior to acquisition. She held a number of technology leadership positions in her McAfee career including, most recently, five and a half years as the SVP and General Manager of the Enterprise Endpoint Security business.  Prior to joining McAfee in 2000, she spent seven years with Mentor Graphics, where she led a team of product managers responsible for electronic design automation and electronic component software.

Worley holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Oregon State University and an MBA degree from Marylhurst University.

Industry Fireside Chat


Ivo Lukas

CEO/Founder of 24Notion

Co-Chair of NWrWIC

Ivo is the CEO/Founder of 24Notion. 24Notion is the first integrated marketing/digital PR & lifestyle agency with special emphasis on giving back to the global communities. With a broad understanding the art of non- traditional marketing, new media, communications and social influence. 24Notion ranked No.12 in Corporate Philanthropy (CSR) nominated by Portland Business Journal Book of List 2016. Most recently, Ivo spoke at TEDx : http://bit.ly/1cgH5Ll

She is an advocate and sits on the board of many non-profit organizations that encourage the empowerment of next generation leaders plus, women in technology. She is a philanthropist by heart, Ivo was asked to speak at the U.S. Department of State in empowering women in the Middle East and North Africa through technology. Ivo is passionate about leading, nurturing and mentoring the next generation, especially young girls, who’s aspiring to be in technology. She is the advocate of encouraging positive, inspiring and improving lives of the young girls to gain an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills. She won a few awards as the Female 2.0 Founder of the year, Innovative Philanthropist; Women of Influence; Huffington Post- Female empowerment of “Passionistas”, National Asian American Business Association of top 40, PBJ Innovative philanthropy award and Top 50 Female Twitter blogger avid followers. Ivo was recognized in “40 Under 40” by the Portland Business Journal 2014 Most recently she won International Women of the Year by Stevie Awards. Check out ivolukas.com and follow @MsSonicFlare.


Charlie Isaccs

Chief Technology Officer


Charlie Isaacs has a track record of R&D leadership at companies like Verizon, Answer Systems (acquired by Computer Associates), Broad Daylight (sold to Primus Knowledge, then ATG and then Oracle), and CTO Kana (Verint). After Kana he joined Alcatel-Lucent/Genesys as VP of Innovation. Charlie is VP/CTO for Customer Connection and claims to have “the best job at Salesforce” as he incubates customers worldwide onto the Salesforce IoTCloud platform.  Charlie holds a BSEE from the UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from California Lutheran University. He holds several patents related to CRM and the Internet of Things. He volunteers at organizations helping women and minorities enter STEM fields.


Jill Steinhour

Executive Marketing


Jill Steinhour joined Adobe Systems in June 2011 as Director of High-Tech and B2B Strategy. In this capacity, she defines the marketing and go-to-market strategy and delivers sales enablement, demand generation and content/social marketing for the High-Tech industry and B2B. Jill leads strategic engagements with Adobe’s top tier clients in support of their efforts to develop and transform their digital strategies and is a contributor to Adobe thought leadership forums and frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences and High-Tech & B2B events.

Prior to joining Adobe Systems, Jill held leadership positions at HP, Agilent and IBM. She has expertise in market research & sizing, customer insights & predictive model development and business performance management strategies for consumer & commercial markets. During her tenure at HP, Jill directed efforts to integrate & extract intelligence from large and diverse data stores to deliver HP’s first comprehensive data repositories that supported the development of addressable market & consumer predictive models.


Maya Hess

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Washington State University – Vancouver

Dr. Wallace’s Research Group

Power systems are beginning to fully capitalize on near real-time data available from phasor measurement units (PMUs). These are sensors which measure different characteristics of the electrical grid’s state from a particular location. The Bonneville Power Administration has led the industry in installing these sensors on sites around the western US and advancing their use. The data involved is both fine-grained, providing sixty measurements each second, and high-dimensional, measuring many signals at each site. As systems operation increasingly incorporates the data from PMUs, ensuring their data integrity becomes critical: in similar security situations, attackers have delayed the detection of physical sabotage by falsifying sensors’ data to indicate normal operation. In addition, as the volume of data is far too great for entirely human examination, data spoofing could aim to disrupt automated systems’ function. Our research seeks to make it possible to monitor PMU data integrity by training classifiers to distinguish between authentic and spoofed data. The characteristics of electrical signals are such that signals from sites that are electrically close should show high correlation, which a local attack may be unable to replicate. We are able to detect with high accuracy spoofed data generated and included among previously measured grid data, and are moving towards detecting spoofed data we inject live into a network of research PMUs.

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