7 01 2013

Outside of planning this conference, I work a part-time job at Ann Taylor Loft. I am pleased to share that Ann Inc is also working towards empowering women and educating the newest generation of females, a reason why I am glad to be working for this company. Ann Inc has partnered with the non-profit Vital Voices to accomplish this goal.

When I arrived at work today there were cards next to the registers promoting AnnPower. This initiative, signed in 2011, allows young ladies that are standing Juniors and Seniors to attend a leadership conference and training program in Washington DC. Women with all interests, including science and technology, are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. Each lady has the opportunity to present their ideas on how to improve their community. Each winner is eligible for grants to help make these ideas happen.

For all the young women attending this conference, you should consider this opportunity as well. If I were eligible I would be applying in a heartbeat. I encourage all of you to consider applying. For those of us too old or too young to apply, Let us consider how we can improve our community or help empower females everywhere.

More information about this can be found at