The Hunt


  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Working in a group dynamic within various experience levels


Computational thinking can be used to algorithmically solve complicated problems of scale, and is often used to realize large improvements in efficiency (Wikipedia, 2012). The goal of The Hunt is to allow the participants to use computational thinking (i.e. logical thinking, problem solving and organization skills) to solve technical puzzles in a group setting of various educational skill levels.


Group members will be provided the necessary materials needed for each activity.

  • Pencils
  • Paper


Each group will start out at a specific table involving one of the 6 activities.  Once the group collectively finishes the activity they will receive a sticker of completion on a card and directed (by a hopper) to another activity. The groups will not move to each activity in the same order. The order is staggered to help prevent over-crowding at the tables. Some activities are designed to move groups through quickly in order to keep things progressing.  After the groups have finished all of the activities they will take the completed card to a table where each member will receive a raffle ticket, thereby becoming eligible for a prize during the NCWIT dinner.


  1. Protein decipher: Each group will receive a Protein Structure Key and a protein chain that must be deciphered in order to receive a sticker of completion.
  2. Morse Code: Each group will receive a Morse Code Key and three individual pieces of Morse code that they must decipher. Once finished, the group will put each piece of code together to determine the message within. They will write down the message and take it to the Computer Parts table.
  3. Computer Parts: With the decoded message in hand from activity 2, each group will find the computer part corresponding the their message.
  4. Brain Teaser: A word puzzle where each group must determine the profession of five medieval council members. This activity may take a bit more time than the others.
  5. Visual Puzzle: Drawing lines from numbers to their primes without crossing or touching the lines.
  6. Body Parts of 3 Letters: There are at least ten body parts that have only three letters in them. The groups must ascertain ten in order to receive a sticker of completion for the activity.

For more information about The Hunt, email Jenny Langlois at:

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